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Airlines to/from Belize City
Where to Eat in Placencia

Secret Garden Cafe- open everyday except Monday.  Menu
changes each day.  Excellent Chef and great atmosphere.  Owners
are Brad(Chef), Erin(Front End), and Jodi(Bar).  Great Matinis! It is
located past Wallen's and go across the yellow bridge.   

Cozy Corner Bar and Grill- also open everyday except Monday.  
Large outdoor seating area right on the beach.  Great Shrimp
Kabobs, Burritoes, Drinks, and Desserts.  Owner: Kewl  Night
Bartender:Stoney Located on the sidewalk in between Barefoot
and Serenade.

The Shak-At the End of the Road at the Pier.  The best Jerk
Chicken Nachoes!!!  
Main Street (Behind EveryDay Market)
Placencia Village, Belize
Secret Garden Spa Placencia, Belize
Yoga Movement
Tropic One of the two airlines to get to Sunsets in Placencia
Airline to catch hopper flight to Sunsets in Placencia, Belize
5 minute walk from Sunsets to Barefoot Bar and Grill Belize
Stumbling distance from Sunsets to Tipsy Tuna Placencia, Belize
www.Halls of
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correspondence courses, a Book Store, a Hall of Music where you can find
music for healing, meditation, and yoga, and hundreds of links.
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