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Snorkeling and Diving
Belize's barrier reef structure is the second largest in the
world and is home to a legion of sea animals and fish
species. Snorkelers and divers can experience the
amazing underwater world of the reefs while vacationing in
Belize. The water's temperature and clarity make exploring
the abundant marine life comfortable and easy.
Underwater exploration is an excellent addition to your
Belize travel itinerary. There are a number of snorkeling
and scuba diving sites where you can delve into the
depths, and Belize's dive shops can supply you with all of
the equipment you need for your excursion.

Fishing and Chartering
Because the waters of Belize are so rich in aquatic life,
including game fish, the country is a popular vacation
destination among fishermen. The Caribbean Sea shelters
fish species like marlin, sailfish, and other smaller game
fish. Avid fishermen can spend their trip on the water
fishing or trolling from a boat, or casting off near the coast
at river mouths or lagoons. Many resorts on the island
have fishing packages, so you can easily include sport
fishing as a part of your stay.

No matter what kind of activities you enjoy, Belize has
something special to offer all types of active travelers
vacationing in the region.

Mainland Beaches
Areas near Belize's coastline often feature tropical
rainforests and ancient Mayan ruins, which are a
significant part of Belizean culture. Vacationers can
explore Belize's fascinating history and heritage while
taking in lush tropical coastal scenery. Plenty of flourishing
palm trees dot Belize's coastline. All you need is a
hammock and an ice-cold tropical drink, and you can lie
back, relax, and let the Caribbean breezes do the rest.

Some of the best oceanfront property on mainland Belize
can be found in Placencia in the south part of the country.
Here, the locals are friendly, and the beaches are
sparkling. The aquamarine waters and pristine sandy
beaches ensure you'll enjoy your time spent near the
water. Punta Gorda and Dangriga are other Belize towns
where you can hit the beaches during your vacation.

Although the stunning coral formation off the country's
coast makes Belize more well-known as a scuba and
snorkeling hot spot, the areas beaches are still something
to experience. Although they are not large in size or
number, the white-sand beaches are beautiful, and
vacationers are sure to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf that
only Belize beaches can offer.
Diving Whale Shark Fishing Snorkling
Blue Hole Diving and Snorkling Barrier Reef
Diving off Cayes near Sunsets Rentals and Cabanas Placencia, Belize
Mayan Ruins Day Trip from Sunsets Placencia, Belize
Cave tubing Excusion from Sunsets Placencia, Belize
Snorkling off Cayes by Sunsets Placencia, Belize
Main Street (Behind EveryDay Market)
Placencia Village, Belize
The climate is subtropical, with a brisk prevailing wind from the Caribbean Sea. The country has an
l mean temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is nicely tempered by the Sea
breezes. The variation in weather further emphasizes the interesting difference in elevation,
geology, plant and animal life. Summer high temperatures, are normally around 98 degrees
Fahrenheit, and winter lows have rarely gone below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even at night.

Normally, the rainy season is usually between June and November and the dry season is between
February and May. Usually, the weather becomes cooler at the end of October and this lasts up
until February. Average humidity is 85 percent. Annual rainfall ranges from 50 inches in the North to
170 inches in the South.

The population of approximately 250,000 people consists of a mixture of Creoles, Garifunas,
Mestizos, Mayas, Caucasians, Mennonites, Lebanese, Chinese, and East Indians. Belize has
gained a widespread reputation for its friendly people.

English is the official language of Belize, Spanish is the second language and Creole is the
commonly used dialect you will hear spoken throughout the country.

The Belize Dollar (BZ$) has a fixed rate of exchange of BZ$2 to US$1. Most hotels, resorts,
restaurants, and tour operators will accept U.S. currency, traveler's checks, or credit cards.

Time observed year round is GMT-6, which is the same as United States Central Standard Time.
Daylight Savings Time is not observed in Belize.
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